Guema Barnaba is a luxury handbag brand synonymous with exceptional quality and elegance.

The brand was created in 2013 by a young Italian entrepreneur, Emanuela Barnaba. Born in the Eternal City of Rome, she spent her childhood in Cairo. She travelled the world extensively from an early age visiting all five continents.

After graduating in Business Administration in Rome she moved to London to pursue her dream of working in the fashion world. After several years working in the field, she decided to strike out on her own to create a line of handbags. The influence of Egyptian and Roman art and culture is clearly evident in her collection, which evokes beauty, luxury and elegance.

Guema Barnaba’s handbags are a luxurious product conceived in London and made in Italy, characterised by bespoke and unique craftsmanship.

Handbags are many women's favourite accessories and for Guema Barnaba they represent the real essence of elegance and high quality. It could be said that the search for elegance is a constant in Guema Barnaba.

London inspired modern creativity is combined with classic styling and the finest materials including python and crocodile, resulting in timeless designs.

The entire range is handcrafted by expert Italian leather artisans using centuries old production methods, guaranteeing extraordinary attention to detail. Each bag is numbered and unique.

Refinement and rarity make these bags accessories of high-end luxury, products dedicated to an elegance-loving public.